With so much information out there about how to recover from a race, things can be a little confusing…

We all understand you should rest and eat well but are there any other key points to consider?

Various studies report that anywhere from 33 to 68% of ultramarathon and marathon finishers come down with upper respiratory infections within two weeks of completing a race. We are often unaware of the strain we place on our bodies..Taking a Vitamin C supplement for 2 weeks after can be a great idea.

And yes – rest , rest and more rest.

Getting everything back in balance takes patience just like training, and it is equally important if you want to make endurance running a part of your life and not merely a one-time stunt.

I am a big believer in active recovery. Most of us sit around for days after a race and this can make the delayed muscle soreness so much worse. Go for a gentle jog, a hike, a fast walk. Swim, play, jump, skip!!!

The key is to reactivate those sore muscles and get the blood flowing back in.

Listen to your body  and your mind.

If you are lay in bed and dreading the thought of running – don’t.

Take a few more days and do something else.

I know a few runners who follow an Optimized Fat Metabolism (OFM) strategy — high fat, low carb, moderate protein nutritional path (no grains, no sugar). The key is to dial back your carb intake for recovery and cycle the body into ketosis to aid and speed up recovery.

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