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Large scale aircraft accident training scenario, Du Toits Kloof Mountains, Western Cape, 19-5-25.

Some 40 MSAR members from as far as our Gauteng team participated in a large scale, multi-organisation aviation exercise in the Western Cape. The training was based on a simulated request by the Aeronautical Rescue Coordination Center for search and rescue of a helicopter that had crashed. The helicopter was retrieving a maintenance crew from the Telkom telecommunications tower array situated a mountain peak in the area the previous day. The exercise involved more 130 members of various Wilderness Search And Rescue (WSAR) affiliated organisations, including MSAR.

Below follows a brief overview of key aspects of the exercise. By flipping through the pictures and reading the captions you will get a better idea of details of the exercise.

Some of the training objectives of the exercise:
*Multiple casualty incident in steep and mountainous terrain.
*Communications: on-scene, regionally (to Pinelands/Tygerberg), nationally (to ARCC HQ at OR Thambo or similar via HF), relays, comms logs.
*Logistics: personnel sign-in and out, personnel & equipment transport and traffic management.
*Locate + access wreckage, HAZMAT protocols, preserving the scene.
*Search and account for all occupants of the helicopter.
*Access + triage patients, correct management of deceased patients.
*Extricate patients by various means according to triage priority.
*Preservation of ecologically sensitive areas as much as possible.

Members and crew included volunteers from multiple organisations such as Mountain Club of South Africa (MCSA), Western Cape Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Cape Nature (CN), Off Road Rescue Unit (ORRU), Delta Search And Rescue (DSAR), Hikers Network, K9 Search And Rescue (K9SAR), Forensic Pathology Services (FPS) and Hamnet which partook in the exercise - all under the umbrella of Wilderness Search And Rescue (WSAR).

WSAR and the MCSA would like to thank all those who had assisted with the planning and execution of this exercise and in particular:
*Kyle Lord for the photographs @kylelordza.
*The helicopter airframe used in the exercise was kindly sponsored by FilmAfrika FilmAfrika is thanked for their fantastic support given to the organising team, as well as the training overall.

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2 weeks ago

Mountain Club of SA - Search And Rescue

AMS Skymed training 19-7-5. This morning helicopter team members from our W-Cape teams took part in the regular WSAR helicopter currency training with the Air Mercy Service (AMS) Skymed helicopter. The quieter winter period has the benefit that there is a lower probability of the training being interrupted by a rescue or flight request (which often happens in the busy summer period). ...

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Two leg injury related carry-outs, 2019-6-29/30. Our Gauteng team had a busy weekend assisting to carry out day hikers with lower limb injuries from the Faerie Glen Nature Reserve in Pretoria and the Magaliesberg near Rustenburg.

On Saturday a hiker injured his/her lower leg and was unable to walk down unassisted in the Faerie Glen Nature Reserve. MSAR and Off Road Rescue Unit (ORRU) members assisted Netcare and the Tshwane Emergency Services to carry the hiker out in a stretcher to the nearest road.

On Sunday another hiker sustained a lower leg injury whilst on a hike on the Southern slopes of the Magaliesberg mountains near Rustenburg. A joint MSAR and ORRU team that was on training elsewhere in the Magaliesberg ended their training early and helped the injured hiker down. The hiker was carried down in a wheeled stretcher and transferred to an awaiting ambulance just as the sun was setting. The hiker was admitted to a hospital for surgery.

We advise all hikers to pay special attention to their footwear in uneven mountainous terrain. Proper footwear may help either prevent or reduce the severity of foot and ankle injuries. In this case one of the hikers did wear ankle-high boots and although it did not prevent the injury the added support probably helped to reduce the severity of injuries (especially to soft tissue). We trust that both of the hikers will soon be able to enjoy the crisp winter days in the outdoors again.

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Karbonkelberg Hike or Trail Run opportunity - 27 July 2019.

Always wanted to spend time in the Karbonkelberg Range of mountains, but been cautious due to the high crime rate?

Well, we have been working with Karbonkelberg Tourism - locally in the Fishing Village of Hangberg, in Hout Bay. To establish an Adventure Tour Guiding business, to establish a Youth Adventure / Camping and Echo Club and to create a safer area for visitors. To opening up the area over time, for the enjoyment of everyone.

So, please support these guys on the day. Come along and enjoy.

If you're keen to help in any other way, just give us a shout. We need people who can mentor young folks, run events and life skill oriented workshops in the mountains etc. Calling all Adventure, Mountain Guides out there who may be looking to teach others your skills... Its a great project, and one we'd like to replicate in similar communities and areas around the Park.

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Still there... ...

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